Every wine enthusiasts knows what a decanter is. For those, who just entered the wine-lover path, and might have never heard about such an object, let us explain the purpose of this beautiful and useful device in more details. 

The process of decanting means pouring wine from one vessel (normally, a wine bottle) to another (normally, a decanter). This may seem pointless, and to be just another marketing trick, however there are several very important reasons to decant wine. 

First is true with aged beverages, because by decanting the wine you separate the clear liquid from the sediments and solids, that have formed during aging or have not been properly filtered during the winemaking process. Thus you achieve several goals at one step: get a healthier and tastier drink that looks really pretty in your glass.

The second important reason to decant is to make the drink react with oxygen. This contact benefits the wine quality and flavor, makes it softer. Besides, it’s know that after aeration the wine is more likely to please more of your guest’s tastes, especially if placed on the table in a fancy decanter (can be found at Luigi Bormioli).

By the way, the decanters have a special form and shape for a reason as well. In order to make the wine “breathe in” as much oxygen as possible, the vessel should have as much surface area as possible.

To decant your wine, pour it to the decanter 15-20 minutes prior to serving. Do it in a slow and careful manner, so that all the settling indeed stays at the bottom of the bottle.