Spring is a time of changes. As soon as the first rays of sun appear and the trees are budding buds, everyone starts wanting a transformation in all life aspects. In order to indulge in the feeling of the spring coming, first of all you need to let it into your house, add some freshness, sunlight, bunch of bright colors and positive vibe to your home environment.


Shake things up after long winter, open up to changes and be inspired by these fresh ideas and decoration tips that will help you to create a unique spring atmosphere.


First of all, do a general cleaning. We don’t mean washing the floors and wiping dust in every corner.. It’s all about getting rid of things that are associated with winter. Hide all knitted pillows, fur covers and woolen blankets away -- you don’t need them anymore.


Remove all the small décor and unnecessary souvenirs from the shelves. By freeing the space, you give the lightness and freshness of spring in to the interior. You can also do a furniture rearrangement, so the room is perceived as a completely new one.


The following step is about working with the light. As the day gets longer and the sun becomes friendlier, it's time to bring more light into the house. Discard multi-layer curtains in favor of lightweight textile, or leave the windows completely open. Thus, you can provide your interior an open and clear look of the spring season.


Flowers are always associated with spring. So why not add them to your abode? Put some plants in bright pots on the windowsill or place some nice fresh flower arrangements in the living or dining area. That’s not only providing you with good mood, but also adding pleasant aromas for your room.


Add bright colors to your interior. Did you know that objects of sunny yellow color help to cheer up after the winter and dilute the familiar atmosphere. Change the sofa cover or buy new pillows. Add an unusual colorful frame to the mirror. Update bed linen. Choose a new kitchen textile. Get as creative as you want!


What is more, don’t forget about the spring table setting. Even the most familiar breakfasts and dinners will be perceived in a new way, if you collect all your old dishes from various services and replace it with a new set. Luigi Bormioli Sublime Collection will certainly add a feeling of lightness in your everyday serving.


Add the spring mood to your interior, refresh the familiar atmosphere and let yourself to breathe easily at your home place this spring.




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