At Luigi Bormioli we are committed to providing products that are appreciated world-wide by both consumers and catering professionals. Using innovative materials, we deliver that promise with products that are produced with glass that does not contain heavy metals.


All Luigi Bormioli and Bormioli Rocco glass is:

  • Lead free
  • Cadmium free
  • Arsenic free


Without exception; be it our ultra-clear, high performance SON.hyx material, ultra-durable Soda Lime SPARKX glass in the Luigi Bormioli portfolio, or Bormioli Rocco’s special STAR glass, Soda Lime, or Opal glass; our promise is the safest products that are free of harmful materials.



At Bormioli Brands our passion is for making glass and our focus is on the future. Through innovative research and development, we are shaping the industry with responsibility to the environment, being a good global steward and continuing the legacy that started by the Bormioli family almost 200 years ago.


The founding 5 principles which guide our sustainability efforts are:


Continuously review production, packaging, products for better and more efficient ways to manufacture quality products with better environmental footprints.


Through improved technologies and processes, remove materials from the final designs as well as internally reclaim and reuse materials throughout the production process.


Manufacture quality products that are designed for multiple use and long-life cycles.


Produce a 100% recyclable product, in recyclable packaging and components.


Responsible sourcing of materials that are manufactured and supplied in the most environmentally friendly way.