What makes a great glass is similar to what makes a great wine: you like how it feels; for a wine, when drinking it, for a glass, when it’s in your hand. ©

Since the appearance of stemless glasses on the market  few years ago, they made quite a huge splash. Even now there are a lot of disputes whether there is a place for such glasses on the wine lovers’ shelf or not. Some people consider stemless glassware an essential attribute of wine drinking, while others can’t understand their purpose. There are good reasons for both. 



Stemless glass supporters find them easier to use. These glasses are quite versatile, as they can be used not only for drinking wine, but also for serving cocktails, like gin and tonics and even juices or soda. 



Due to the versatility of stemless glasses one set of such glasses may replace several, which is very convenient in holding them at home, especially if you don’t have enough space.

What is more, if you’re hosting a party with a lot of guests, stemless wine glasses can go directly in the dishwasher without the worry of stem breakage. It is convenient and practical for parties, receptions and large dinner parties.



It is believed that the wine glasses have long found their classic forms. However, modern trends dictate their own rules and don’t exclude that something completely new and unique can replace the classics. When refinement is less important than simplicity, a stemless wine glass is a great solution.  This type of glasses will definitely surprise your guests and impress their imagination with their extravagance shapes.



It is believed that glass needs a stem so that the drinker does not warm the wine with the heat of the palms. Maybe it isn’t too critical for red wine (as sometimes it has to be slightly warmed, especially if delivered directly from the cellar). But for chilled white wine little warming is inappropriate, especially on a hot summer day. 

Anyway for the restaurants and degustation the wine serving temperature is extremely important for getting the complete impression of the drink. Otherwise for the parties: the temperature of drinks often goes by the wayside in comparison with the serving way, so the stemless glasses become the creative decision to surprise guests.



There is another explanation why it is important that the wine glasses should be with stems. When you hold the glass by the stem, your hands are farther from the nose and their smell does not mix with the wine aroma. Especially if the smell of tobacco smoke from cigarettes or perfume is present on the hands, then the perception of wine is likely to be completely different. In this case probably stemless glasses are not useful.

Like most things, this choice depends on your personal preferences. Stemless glasses are ideal for those who want to use them not only as wine glasses and prefer modern trends. But if you are classic follower, then you should stick to the glasses with stems.

Anyway, no matter what your choice is, Luigi Bormioli has glassware to suit every taste!

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