What a beautiful period we have during winter months! There are plenty of holidays and occasions to make pleasure for our family and beloved ones. Gifts, celebrations, family gatherings and festive dinners. It is wonderful to make presents for your close people. Haven’t you forgotten about yourself? Let us offer you 5 cool and useful gifts from Luigi Bormioli that you can treat yourself with.

  1. Are you a coffee or tea fan?

What can be more pleasing for a real coffee-man than a new mug? If it is a stylish and a nice-looking one, there are 50 more points to this gift. This mug will be a perfect choice for any hot drink. Or would you like a set for your morning cappuccino?

  1. Are you an organize-everything person?

Your kitchen always has some grocery that you want to shove in the far corner of your cupboard, because they will ruin all the great look of the room. However there is a great decision - a set of Lock-Eat jars that not only look really stylish, but also can fulfill plenty of different functions: from storing spaghetti to being a dish for the dessert.

  1. Would you like some beer?

A modern personal beer mug will help you enjoy your weekend twice more, we assure you!

  1. A gift for wine gourmands.

If you are a wine-lover, you most probably already have a set of favorite wine glasses (well, if not, you can check for it here!). However, there is one thing that a real wine-tasting fan dreams about: a decanter. A decanter is a special jar for wine, already in use for hundreds of years. It has an unusual shape that helps to get the full flavor of the beverage. We think that winter holidays are just a perfect time to get yourself such a present.


  1. Glamorous tableware.

We all see them in movies and TV series, they are associated with glamorous and fancy parties. If you have ever imagined yourself as a hero of such show, this gift will be perfect for you. We are talking about martini glasses. No more words, just check them at Luigi Bormioli!




Luigi Bormioli, the designer label of glassmaking, is synonymous with Italian Lifestyle. Our proprietary glassware formulas allow for an exciting fusion of elegance and technology. Designed to enhance the tabletop and elevate the entertaining experience, these machine blown glasses are made in Italy, lead-free, durable, have laser cut fine rims, and will maintain their clarity after thousands of dishwashing cycles. You will enjoy their quality, brilliance, and strength for many year to come.