Everyone wants to get the best quality for any goods we buy. When speaking about tableware, the aspect of quality becomes even more essential: these are the things we use on a constant basis. We have a range of requirements for dishes and glasses, we want them to be safe for our health and nice-looking, bring joy (especially the items we use on special occasions). 

While it is usually easy to see whether the plate is of a good quality or not, when it comes to the glass the things become a bit more complicated. The higher quality of glass, the stronger and more pristine the glass will be. Glass quality is determined by the material of glass, and the skill level of the glass maker. 

Let’s have a look at the main signs that will help you to distinguish the glass of a high quality.


The cost

Glass is not the cheap material, and that’s why it is easy to understand whether you see a really good piece by looking at the tag. Normally, the better the glass is, the higher the price. The only exceptions are vintage items that you can find at the flea markets or online. 



It is important to understand that there is no relation between the thickness of the glass and its quality. The material itself will either make the glass break or keeps it alive when dropped accidentally. However, when talking about wine glasses, you need to remember that one wants to taste the wine, not the glass. People who know wine glasses differ on some finer points but agree pretty much across the board on one thing: thin gets the win when it comes to tasting and enjoying wine.


The origin

Every country has its specialty, that “go-to” item that immediately brings it to mind: fine chocolate from Switzerland, sweet perfumes from France, warm woolens from Ireland and spectacular stemware from Italy.

All Luigi Bormioli glasses are made in Italy and created with the proprietary TITANIUM Reinforced permanent treatment to increase strength & durability. Also, Luigi Bormioli glasses are dishwasher safe and will retain ultra-clear brilliance through 4,000 dishwashing cycles. 




Luigi Bormioli, the designer label of glassmaking, is synonymous with Italian Lifestyle. Our proprietary glassware formulas allow for an exciting fusion of elegance and technology. Designed to enhance the tabletop and elevate the entertaining experience, these machine blown glasses are made in Italy, lead-free, durable, have laser cut fine rims, and will maintain their clarity after thousands of dishwashing cycles. You will enjoy their quality, brilliance, and strength for many year to come.