Winter is a magical season. During this season we have an opportunity to celebrate the most romantic holidays, everything is so beautiful outside and the world is covered with the snow carpet. So, why would we feel unhappy?

Unfortunately, not all the sides of the coldest season are so nice in reality. We experience lack of daylight, cold and strong wind, traditional winter diseases, etc. Naturally, people become less energetic and it is hard to cope with the everyday routine. In addition we have the post-holidays-preparation kind of stress.

But do not despair, there are methods to overcome the winter depression, and we are happy to share few tips with you!


Hygge Rituals

The happiest people in the world live in one of the coldest countries. Thus, we bet they know something about staying positive during any season! 

Practice all the relaxation events: take a warm bath after a long workday, light up the candles around your place, curl up at some cozy corner with a book and a cup of tea. Feeling better now?


Do Some Shopping

New stuff has an incredible ability to improve the emotional condition, especially if it’s something less of practical use, but more an aesthetic piece. To support your new Hygge lifestyle, consider obtaining some new beautiful houseware: the new linen, paintings, mugs or glasses (you can check those at Luigi Bormioli).


Spend More Time With Family and Friends

There is no other season when you have such great opportunities to stay inside for a long time and spend time with your beloved ones! Make your hanging out a quality activity: watch a movie together, play board games, cook a family dinner together (and do not forget to serve it in a beautiful way with your new Luigi Bormioli  tableware!). 

You can gather not only at your apartment, but go out and explore new local restaurants or any other places of interest. It’s all up to you, but remember - every season is beautiful and it’s only you who can fill it with happiness and joy!




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