It's that time of the year to begin to wait for the coming of warm, spring days, fresh air walks with a delicate aroma of blooms, and the sun outside the window. But the first month of spring does not particularly indulge us with all these joys. If you feel a little bit depressed from gloomy March days, we can help you to make them brighter.

Did you know that only Denmark has only 5-6 sunny days a month? For this reason the Scandinavian nation invented a lot of ways to break from the gloomy, gray route. They even came up with a concept denoting a feeling of coziness and comfort - “Hugge”.

So, what should be done in order not to freeze and at the same time create the atmosphere of “Hugge” in March, despite the nasty weather outside?

The first rule is to arrange candles around the house. A lighted candle charges the room with good energy, drives away bad thoughts, improves mood, and helps you to relax when you are tired of city life. Candles warm things up in inclement weather and with their soft light they give a feeling of calmness and silence. 

The second Hugge rule says that you need to stock up on warm, soft blankets that will not only warm you on even the coldest of days, but will also create an atmosphere of homey warmth and coziness. Choose a blanket that will tactilely relax you and give warmth not only to your body, but also to your thoughts.

The third important element in gaining the sensation of heat in the cold months is warming drinks. Warm yourself up with aromatic mulled wine, the taste of which makes your mood instantly brighter. And if you do not drink alcohol, then hot cocoa with marshmallows or citrus tea with honey will be an excellent solution.

Properly chosen glasses are key to a good mood on a cozy evening after work. Your glassware has to evoke positive emotions and cause the feelings of warmth by its appearance.

Imagine, you come home, light up candles with a pleasant aroma and that fill the room with a soft light, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, pour a hot drink into your favorite cup, and make yourself comfortable on the sofa to watch a good movie or to read an interesting book. Even imagining such an evening is already getting you warm, isn't it?




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