Slip into Style: The Retro Vibe Is Back

From music to architecture, re-interpreting the classics is a beautiful theme—it brings about something new by pushing the boundaries of the old. Neo-classical design is a natural expression of the human spirit. It captures the need for the familiar and the nostalgic, while honoring the excitement of experiencing something different. With every generation we see a new wave of this weaved into our culture, and it surrounds us in its expressiveness year after year.

Retro Is Here and Now 

The culinary world in particular has seen a great revival through the concept of retro-styling and inspiration. Haute cuisine from kitchens like The French Laundry and the new-age fusion of global cuisine inspired by a myriad of authentic preparations and flavors have changed the way we love food—all through the lens of dishes and tastes that were enjoyed generations ago. Mixology and the modern bartender have found a similar renewal by reviving the passion for a great cocktail and looking to classical combinations that represent them in a new way for today’s palate.

It doesn’t stop with food. This kind of styling abounds in fashion, music, art and design. If you have a sense for what’s en vogue, and what will be, you’ve surely seen this delightful formula for success before. Modern day muscle cars, KitchenAid stand mixers and the revolving door of dresses and suits are exemplary of retro-chic styling that we fall in love with every day.

Retro Glassware for the Discerning Palate 

The Luigi Bormioli Bach Collection is our way of shining attention on incorporating stylings from a different era, and how they can seem “just right” for today. It’s the perfect set for home entertaining that harkens back to a simpler time with its class, style and vintage feel. The connoisseur who appreciates inventive art with a nod to the past will stop, sip and savor. Art Deco styling and the crisp faceted lines of this glassware offer the perfect vessel for modern mixology that draws upon cocktails from bygone eras.

Bach 5 pc. Set is perfect for the fine spirit connoisseur. The bare essentials, and yet everything you really need. The tall, stately carafe is matched by four DOF glasses—the quintessential elements for enjoying your favorite whisky, bourbon or cognac with like-minded aficionados. These made-in-Italy beauties (that are dishwasher safe and lead free) will transport you to simpler times while still keeping a foot in the future.

Bach Martini will elevate your craft cocktails with its elegant faceted design. Serve all of your drinks “up” in one-of-a-kind fashionably nostalgic style that feels as at home today as it would in Donald Draper’s office. Bach Martini’s vintage aesthetics are complemented by modern craftsmanship. This made-in-Italy stemware is TITANIUM reinforced for stem strength and durability and crafted with our proprietary SON.hyx formula to keep glasses flawlessly brilliant and strong. Like all Luigi Bormioli products made with SON.hyx, they carry a 25-Year Guarantee that guards against chipping on the rim or foot, as well as discoloration or cloudiness resulting from washing. Cleaning up after guests is a breeze with these dishwasher-safe beauties, meaning you can kick your feet up for a nightcap instead of scrubbing dishes (or having them nag you from the sink until the next morning).

Sometimes you just need the whole set: Bach BeverageBach Red, Bach White and Bach Flute represent everything else you need to fully indulge in the styling and craftsmanship of this special collection.

Celebrate in Style 

Why not make a party out of it? Pick your favorite music, food, drink and clothing inspired by neo-classical fashions to enjoy with friends while sipping select libations. The best elements of retro aesthetics and design, combined with the form and function of cutting-edge glassmaking, deserve to be celebrated.

At Luigi Bormioli, we take pride in our Italian-crafted, superior quality glassware. Your glasses, created using our proprietary SON.hyx ultra-clear formula, will retain their brilliant and transparent appearance and are backed by our 25-year guarantee that guards against chipping on the rim or foot, as well as discoloration or cloudiness resulting from washing. You will enjoy their beauty, durability and strength for many years to come. We aim to enhance your tabletop lifestyle and entertaining experience with a glass for every occasion. When the moment matters, the glass matters.