Why Decant Wine?

Why do we serve fine cheeses and cakes at room temperature? Why do we wait a little before we carve a roast? Why braise some cuts of meat and grill others?

Because it’s better, that’s why! To our wine lovers, let’s turn the focus on decanting and why it makes wine better. Soak up why you want to decant and which wines really benefit from it, with a nod to the perfect decanters to make your wine shine.

The Why

Decanting wine can help make wine taste and smell better. Certain wines need to “breathe” in order to “come in,” and decanting helps speed this up. Wine is a complex elixir (which is why chemistry is such an important part of winemaking), and the interaction of the wine with oxygen molecules in the air helps release a wine’s potential aromatics and flavor components.

Decanting wine also has the added benefit of helping remove sediment. Older red wines in particular can form sediment and lees (residual yeast and other particles) at the bottom of the bottle that are a natural part of the aging process and a prime example of the chemical evolution that wines can go through when they age in the bottle. While these wines taste great, many people find that sediment in the glass detracts from the experience. Decanting wines like these allows you to remove the sediment before serving your guests.

Which wines should you decant? In general, red wines are prime candidates for decanting. The phenolic compounds and rich red tannins present in these wines greatly benefit from exposure to oxygen. Oftentimes the older a red wine is, the more it will benefit from decanting, from the standpoint of flavor, aroma and removal of sediment. White wines can also be decanted, although the immediate effect may not be quite as dramatic as with reds. When decanting white wines you’ll want to be conscientious that they don’t become “flat” prematurely.

Get Some Air

Once a bottle of wine is opened, and before it is poured, there is very little oxygen exposure even if the wine is left uncorked. This is because of the minute surface area that the wine at the top of the bottle has in which to make contact with the ambient air. Once poured, however, the surface area and exposure to oxygen is greatly increased, both during the transfer and also inside the decanter. This means that those rich aromas and tantalizing flavors become more expressive in the glass, as you nose and appreciate the vintage.

Bonus Benefit

If you’ve ever poured red wine over a white tablecloth you’ll know what we’re talking about. Drips! No matter how carefully you pour, they happen. Our Supremo decanters are drip-free, lead-free, eco-friendly and handmade in Italy. With their subtle angular lines and dramatically flared aesthetics, they’re the perfect accompaniment to the entire Supremo line of glassware. These gorgeous decanters come in several shapes and sizes to complement the intended wine.

If big bordeaux blends are your top choice, look for our Supremo Decanter-Red Wine in both the larger 50.75 oz. size (perfect for Magnums) and the smaller 25.25 oz. size (just right for 750 ml bottles). Fancy a fine Chardonnay instead? Try our Supremo Decanter-White Wine for your next gathering and realize the ultimate tablescape.

Decanting wine is an age-old practice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with modern style. Supremo decanters offer the ultimate in form and function with modish charm.

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