6 Everyday Pieces You Need to Own—Now!

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. It’s often true that finer quality items are more costly, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get world-class glassware! Whether you’re starting a collection for your first home, paring down to the essentials after a move or just looking for durable, elegant glassware at an accessible price, we’ve got six essential pieces that fit the bill (and your budget).

The Essentials

There are some things a home just isn’t complete without. When we think of creature comforts it’s easy to imagine a soft chair, a great meal and a just-poured glass of wine.

The glass matters as much as the wine that’s in it, and these three pieces will make sure you have all the bases covered:

  • The versatile Sublime White is the perfect choice for any occasion and any white wine. The unique design of this glass not only looks great but is also specially shaped to highlight the best features of your favorite whites.
  • Sublime Red is the go-to for Merlots, Cabernet Sauvignons, Shiraz and more. The special design of this glass will accentuate the nose and palate of your red wines and match every piece in the Sublime Collection for stylish continuity that is simply smart.
  • The Sublime Champagne flute is made especially for bubbly-lovers and is perfect for any sparkling wine with unmistakable styling.

Complete the Set

Rome wasn’t built in a day—sometimes a vision must be realized in steps. Once you’ve gotten the basics of important stemware, these three pieces will complete your collection for a dazzling experience no matter the occasion:

  • Sublime Beverage is anything but standard. True beauty is often found in simplicity, and this glass is a great example. From water to lemonade, the Sublime Beverage will always have you and your guests sipping in style.
  • Whiskey lovers and cocktail aficionados need look no further than the Sublime DOF Bold styling and clean lines make this short tumbler a welcome addition to any bar.
  • The Sublime Carafe will add refinement and beauty to any tablescape. With subtle curves and a cork stopper, simple elegance makes this piece a must-have.

Great Gift Ideas

Gorgeous styling, amazing durability and accessible pricing make the Sublime Collection especially great for gifts. Weddings, graduations, housewarmings and anniversaries are an opportunity to give the gift of fine Italian-made glassware. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself buying some as a gift “just for you!”

Same Quality with a Friendly Price Tag

Great glassware is an investment that will live well beyond the first sip you savor. Memories with friends, fine vintages and special holiday meals are just some of the moments that superior glassware fosters.

Our Sublime Collection combines renowned craftsmanship with timeless styling at an irresistibly affordable price. Each piece from the Sublime Collection is made with our proprietary SON.hyx formula keeping them flawlessly brilliant and strong. Like all Luigi Bormioli products made with SON.hyx, they carry a 25-Year Guarantee that guards against chipping on the rim or foot, as well as discoloration or cloudiness resulting from washing. In addition, all Sublime stemware is TITANIUM reinforced for unparalleled stem strength so that you can continue to make memories with your favorite glasses.

At Luigi Bormioli, we take pride in our Italian-crafted, superior quality glassware. Your glasses, created using our proprietary SON.hyx ultra-clear formula, will retain their brilliant and transparent appearance and are backed by our 25-year guarantee that guards against chipping on the rim or foot, as well as discoloration or cloudiness resulting from washing. You will enjoy their beauty, durability and strength for many years to come. We aim to enhance your tabletop lifestyle and entertaining experience with a glass for every occasion. When the moment matters, the glass matters.