Mother is the closest and the dearest person on Earth for each of us. Mom is always close to you, always understands and always supports. Of course, we are not able to thank our dearest person with just any gift, but to take care and please mommy is the responsibility of each child.

Very often, we get lost in conjectures on what to give a loved one to show our care, love and respect. And, on such a special holiday, such as Mother's Day, it is even more worthwhile to approach the choice of a gift wholeheartedly. Such occasion causes us to wish to do something nice for mom, choose the best and the most amazing surprise that will delight her.

Of course, everyone wants to see a sincere smile on Mommy's face. So, how to choose the best present?

If you're still guessing, we are glad to please you: we’re ready to offer you some creative gift ideas that will not only emphasize your love and care, but will also be useful and original.

It is necessary to begin with the fact that mothers love beauty and comfort, cute things that create a warm atmosphere and give a feeling of comfort. 

We suggest for you to consider some of the best Luigi Bormioli gift options that we have selected with love as a Mother's Day gift.

  1. Luigi Bormioli Lock-Eat collection. This collection has been designed for food preserving amid the various techniques as per countless recipes. Lock-Eat jars and carafes are ideal, as they are suitable for: heat treatment (boiling or potting), oil, pickled, brine, and dry-cure (or dry-salt). In our opinion, it is an indispensable thing in every kitchen, not to mention how stylish it looks. However, Lock-Eat jars and glass lids have also been created to present food in an original way; from appetizers and finger food, to desserts. They can be used for service at the table, bar, buffet, breakfast, happy hours and on all special occasions. Isn't it a perfect gift?

  1. The bowls from Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Serving Collection are great both for parties or everyday use. It will be an an indispensable attribute of the festive decoration of a holiday table. The stylish and modern forms of bowls attract attention, and the reliable, shock-resistant glass will provide their long term operation. 

  1. When summer is about to come and sweltering heat sets in, it’s time to surprise your mom with glasses from the Luigi Bormioli Classico Collection that are ideal for iced tea, lemonade and smoothies. Complete this gift with a cold cocktails recipe book and your gift will definitely be original and unusual.



Luigi Bormioli, the designer label of glassmaking, is synonymous with Italian Lifestyle. Our proprietary glassware formulas allow for an exciting fusion of elegance and technology. Designed to enhance the tabletop and elevate the entertaining experience, these machine blown glasses are made in Italy, lead-free, durable, have laser cut fine rims, and will maintain their clarity after thousands of dishwashing cycles. You will enjoy their quality, brilliance, and strength for many year to come.