Spring has officially started! That’s one of the most exciting times of the year, when we can literally see creation of the new life. Long gray days will finally be replaced by bright sunny ones (yes, the sun really exists, if you might have forgotten). While you feel the spring inside of you, there are ways to surround yourself with the associated things. Below you can find the easy hints how to welcome Spring into your dwelling.



The strongest association we have with this time of the year are blooming trees. What if you take some blossom into your house? We bet that you will find your apartment much cozier. And do not limit yourself: potted plants can do the same trick as a peony bouquet (or any kind of flowers you prefer).


Spring Cleaning

Put away all the thick blankets, outerwear and winter boots. Get out the sneakers and sandals. Wash the windows to let the sunshine peep into your house without obstacles. Make a revision of your spring wardrobe: through away items you do not like anymore, make a shopping list to fill in the vacant space.


Serve your Table

The best way to welcome someone is to throw out a party or a dinner. Why not welcome Spring in the same way? Take out bright dishes, get a set of stylish Luigi Bormioli wine glasses and cook some fresh appetizers. If the weather allows - you can even arrange a picnic.


Decorate your Apartment

Don't worry — you don't need to pull a Martha Stewart and completely redecorate to springify your home. A few simple tweaks can make a big impact, and will leave your place looking — and feeling! — refreshed. Adding color pops can be a gamechanger - hanging bright curtains on your windows can brighten up your room in an instant.  They can have a pattern, be plain, or mix and match.  Find what works best for you and your room!



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