Have you ever thought about the fact, that by ordering your Friday evening drink you automatically become a part of the art creation process? If you wonder how this can be true, let us talk about the craft of ‘mixology’. 

Whom would we usually address to as ‘mixologists’? The dictionary would say that a ‘mixologist’ is a person who practices the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks. And really, the ‘mixology’ is just another way of referring to the practice of making good cocktails.

Aren’t all the mixologists the bartenders?

Well, technically they are, however the approach to their duties makes out a mixologist at once. Bartenders’ main superpower is keeping a crowded bar happy, lively and tipping, while performing some duties behind the bar.

Being a mixologist involves more creativity. In order to make a really good drink, a mixologist will:

  • Study the classics of cocktails and think how they can be updated;
  • Master the techniques and drinks of the bartenders of old;
  • Create innovative cocktails, experiments to get a perfect new taste;
  • Study on a constant basis in order to help the field of bartending tp evolve;
  • Learn or create the literature about bartenders and mixologists, studies how the flavours are combined.

So, you can see that a mixologist is in some terms similar to a good cook, who is able to create delicious dishes. Additionally, a mixologist is an artist and a scientist. 

And the most wonderful thing about mixology is that anyone can try their hands in it without any special background! But, definitely, you will need a cool toolkit to start practicing. Why don’t you check out this stylish collection by Luigi Bormioli? 



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