Nowadays wine is so wide-spread around the globe that it is heavily surrounded by tons of different information. Some beliefs are so popular that generations of people consider them to be true facts. Let’s expose some of the most popular myths around wine.

  1. Oak flavor always comes from barrels

While the oak barrels are very important for wine-making, especially for adding those smoke and vanilla tastes, the similar flavor can be achieved by much cheaper means. Oak staves or chips are among the most popular variants. Instead of using a massive barrel of $600 each minimum, you can add the oak subproducts and get the delicious taste in a way cheaper and faster method.

  1. Smell or taste of some fruit means that it was actually used

It’s a great delusion because wine is only made of grapes. The reality is much more fascinating: all the other aromas and flavours you might detect are the result of aroma and flavour molecules that a grape shares in common with a particular fruit. As an example, did you know that Cabernet grapes contain the same flavor molecules as blackcurrants?

  1. All wines get better with age

In fact, most modern wines are produced to be drunk when they’re released. Many will definitely be alive in a year or two, though the taste may be not that good. There still exist wines that are to be stored for decades, but you will not meet them on the supermarket shelves often.

  1. Reds are served with meat and whites with fish

This myth is on the top of all the “fact” about wine. Many of reds and whites indeed match better with meat and fish correspondingly, however this is not a strict rule. Your choice should take into account the way your meal is cooked, whether any sauce is added etc. There are plenty of flavors that pair in a different way: Rosé or Pinot Noir will work for poached salmon and a generously oaked Chardonnay (Sonoma or Burgundy) can do with a juicy piece of meat. 



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