A rare celebration can go without this aromatic sparkling drink. Champagne has already become a direct association with special occasions, the pop of the cork sound is a signal to begin the party. Obviously, such a special beverage should be served right. 

What are the perfect glasses to suit the sparkling wine?

The Flutes

Flutes are the most widespread glasses for Champagne and other sparkling wines. They are tall and the best about Flutes is their narrow base, which wonderfully retains the bubbles. And, definitely, it is really cool to watch the bubbles rising from the glass bottom. During special occasions their elegant form is ideal for clinking.

The Tulip Glass

Developed in the late 2000s, Tulips are considered to be the perfectly balanced glasses for Champagne. Frankly speaking, tulips are hybrids between a flute, a coupe and a white wine glass. They are designed to ensure that the bubbles properly rise and carry the aromas to the surface, like in a flute. The glasses’ shape is slightly spherical, like real tulips have, which starts with a gradual ascent, like a coupe glass, for heightened bubble creation. The main goal of such a shape is to allow you enjoying the flavour in all its complexity and still have all the bubbles.

The Coupes or saucer-shaped glasses

Last, but not the least, Coupes are flashy glasses, that provide fast aeration and aroma development. However, they’re very ineffective at maintaining Champagne’s aromas and the bubbles expire very quickly.


But when they are perfectly effective are really big occasions: you can easily stack them into a pyramid and pour the Champagne onto the top like a fountain. Just remember: the bubbly should be consumed fast, so that the aroma is not lost!


At Luigi Bormioli you can find the glasses of any of the mentioned type that would fit your taste and Champagne goals.



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