Table setting for a holiday dinner is incredibly exciting task to do! Who’s not eager to please relatives not only with a delicious dinner, but also with a fantastic decor? If you want the laid table to become the subject of your pride, the admiration of the guests and the decoration of the holiday, few design rules must be observed.

These rules are universal for any table setting, regardless of the occasion or a holiday. It’s important to pay attention to the serving items choice. They should reflect the thematic focus of the feast, fit into the interior and room design as harmoniously as possible.

The dishes, napkins, plates and glassware should be picked up in color, shape materials and design, to create a single ensemble.

So, having appointed the holiday date, time, menu and budget, you should proceed to the décor audit you. Let’s do it step by step.

  1. Tablecloth is an important element of a table which gives a cozy atmosphere and a real celebration feeling. For a festive dinner the table is covered with a clean and immaculately ironed tablecloth. The tablecloth color and texture is chosen under the holiday theme, so feel free to experiment. If creativity is not your thing, remember that a white tablecloth is the most advantageous option that will give your table solemnity and will always be relevant.
  2. The second step is all about napkins which are the necessary element of the holiday table. Cloth wipes can harmoniously complement the overall design because they look exquisite and elegant. They can be rolled up in different ways, embellished with decorative elements and put on a plate for each guest. Don’t forget about paper napkins - they should be placed in a special napkin holder.
  3. Make sure that the glassware is in the right quality and quantity. Remember - when the moment matters, the glass matters.
  4. There should be plates in front of each guest. Please note that the plates themselves can be true works of art and real table decorations. Plates can sometimes help to determine the thematic focus of the dinner. 
  5. As for the proper plates arrangement, there is a generally accepted rule to put them half a meter apart, and two centimeters from the table edge. Also the rules of table setting etiquette oblige to put a charger plate for each guest that performs the role of a stand, where plates with snacks, soups and hot dishes are placed.
  6. The classic table setting presupposes the availability of cutlery and glasses, selected in accordance with the dishes and drinks from the menu. When choosing glasses it is very important to take into account which drinks you are going to offer to guests, because each drink is special and reveals its taste qualities only when it is served properly. Also, note that serving wine in a carafe, rather than in a bottle will put some more gloss on your dinner.
  7. The cutlery location rules are not as complicated as they are thought of. Traditionally cutlery is laid out at the edges of the serving plate: the knives are on the right, the forks are on the left. If a dessert is on the menu, a spoon is placed above the serving plate. If there is no dessert move the spoon to the first knife. At the same time, there is a simple rule: the farthest from the plate cutlery are intended for dishes served first of all, and then they placed in order of priority.
  8. In addition for the original table setting, you can put a flower basket in the center, to be a charming decoration for any dinner and create a cozy atmosphere in the house.

To sum up, just remember, that every holiday dinner, even at home, can become unforgettable. Despite all the seemingly from the first sight complexity, the table setting is a very interesting undertaking, if you put maximum effort and patience in this work, show ingenuity and imagination as much as possible, and, of course, contribute a bit of your soul to it.




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