Cheers to Beers: National Beer Lover’s Day

Beer. We love it. Civilizations were built on it. Hot on the heels of the craft beer revolution there are perhaps more beer lovers than ever before, all over the world. Whether we’re grilling up brats, watching the game or pondering life’s mysteries, beer is the liquid we savor and quaff. This September 7 is National Beer Lover’s Day, so raise a glass to this noble beverage—and to all of your fellow brew-loving aficionados—in style with our tips below.

Share the Wealth

If there ever was a time to break out those cellared beauties you’ve been saving away or splurge for something extra special, this is it! Call up your favorite friends and plan a get-together that does justice to beer lovers everywhere. Great minds drink alike, and fine beers taste best when shared with good company.

Set the scene for celebration with the best: the best beer, the best glasses and the best food. No need to get complex. Try pairing different styles of beer with one outstanding food theme: salami, gourmet jerky, cheese or even different varieties of quiche. Grab some buds and enjoy the suds with complementary eats that don’t crowd the palate with flavors. Keep it simple yet superlative for an uncluttered and amazing experience.

Get Smart

You probably already know what beers you can’t wait to crack, but what about the glasses? And what about the food? See below for our suggested pairings for different styles that you're likely to be enjoying come September 7.

Suggested Pairings

  • Pilsner/Helles Lager: havarti cheese, spaetzle, herbed salmon
  • Golden Ales: pepper jack cheese, roasted fingerlings, crabs or shrimp with Old Bay
  • Saison/Wild: blue cheese, potatoes au gratin, Cajun grilled chicken
  • IPA: aged cheddar, jalapeno cornbread, roasted pork belly
  • Porter/Stout: smoked cheese, grilled mushrooms, grilled steak
  • Belgian Tripels/Quads: Gruyere cheese, prosciutto-wrapped figs, roast duck
  • Barleywine: clothbound cheddar, bacon-wrapped dates, peppered pork chops

Glassware for Beer Lovers

It’s not just what’s in the glass that counts. The shape and quality of your glass can make or break your beer-drinking experience (which is why you never see a barrel-aged stout being served in a plastic cup). So before you go pouring your treasures into just any glass, take a look at the Birrateque line of glassware that is specially designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of your favorite sips!

All six glasses were crafted in conjunction with the renowned Centro Studi Assaggiatori to create the ultimate glassware for beer lovers.The entire Birrateque Collection is dishwasher safe and made with our proprietary SON.hyx for superior strength and clarity. Like all Luigi Bormioli products made with SON.hyx, it carries a 25-Year Guarantee that guards against chipping on the rim, as well as discoloration or cloudiness resulting from washing. These unique glasses also feature a Foam Control System (FSC) to maintain a steady stream of effervescence, just in case the party trails on a bit.

There are arguably more great beers to try now than ever before in history. So for the love of beer, this September 7 pick the best ... friends, food, beer and glasses!

At Luigi Bormioli, we take pride in our Italian-crafted, superior quality glassware. Your glasses, created using our proprietary SON.hyx ultra-clear formula, will retain their brilliant and transparent appearance and are backed by our 25-year guarantee that guards against chipping on the rim or foot, as well as discoloration or cloudiness resulting from washing. You will enjoy their beauty, durability and strength for many years to come. We aim to enhance your tabletop lifestyle and entertaining experience with a glass for every occasion. When the moment matters, the glass matters.