Great Glasses for Summer Entertaining

Summer flavors celebrate the growing season. They’re fruity, fresh, lively and sweet. They’re cool and crisp to help stave off the heat. Summer wines echo these flavors, and your wine glasses should match!

We’ve selected the very best glasses for summer entertaining to wow your guests and help you enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Read on to learn more about these season-perfect picks for your stemware collection.

Fresh and Fruity

Vinoteque Fresco provides the perfect start to a summer evening. The beautiful tapered shape is simple and elegant. Meant for fruity fresh red and white wines, it will offer up sip after sip of your summer favorites while the day melts away one quaff at a time. Try Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Merlot to bring out the best in the wine and the glass.

A Little More Body 

Vinoteque Fragrante takes the night a step further. You’ve finished your first nosh and glass of wine, and it’s time to move on. Slightly bolder flavors and depth of character are the natural direction to progress. Fragrante is crafted specifically for medium-bodied white and red wines. Look for Chardonnay (particularly those that boast rich tropical flavors), dry rose and Pinot Noirs to savor from Fragrante stemware.


Maybe you’re a bubbly fan and can take or leave the still stuff. This is the glass for you. Vinoteque Perlage is meant for one thing: serving great sparkling wine at the height of form and function. The beautiful tapered tulip shape of this glass will accentuate the best attributes of prosecco, cava and Champagne.

Sweet Tooth 

While not every meal calls for a dessert wine (or maybe they do!), sometimes it’s the perfect way to cap a night off. One thing is certain: fine dessert wine calls for Vinoteque Dessert. Whether it’s Tokaji or a delicious ice wine, Vinoteque Dessert will bring out the best flavor and aromatic qualities in flawless style. Simple classic styling has never tasted so sweet.

Digestivo (Traditional After-Dinner Drink) 

Grappa is an Italian tradition and a great way to end an evening or a meal with something a bit drier than (the sometimes abundantly) sweet dessert wines. Vinoteque Grappa is especially designed for young and aromatic grappa and other fruit brandies. The subtle flaring at the top of the glass creates a visual appeal and helps present aromas to the nose. Brandy is meant to be enjoyed and contemplated, and Vinoteque Grappa is exactly the glass to do it with.

Lead free and eco-friendly, Vinoteque is made in Italy with the finest attention to detail and craftsmanship. This dishwasher-safe stemware is TITANIUM reinforced for stem strength and durability and is made with our proprietary SON.hyx to keep glasses flawlessly brilliant and strong. Like all Luigi Bormioli products made with SON.hyx, Vinoteque carries a 25-Year Guarantee that guards against chipping on the rim or foot, as well as discoloration or cloudiness resulting from washing. Crafted in conjunction with the prestigious Centro Studi Assaggiatori, all Vinoteque glasses are meant to enhance your favorite wines.

At Luigi Bormioli, we take pride in our Italian-crafted, superior quality glassware. Your glasses, created using our proprietary SON.hyx ultra-clear formula, will retain their brilliant and transparent appearance and are backed by our 25-year guarantee that guards against chipping on the rim or foot, as well as discoloration or cloudiness resulting from washing. You will enjoy their beauty, durability and strength for many years to come. We aim to enhance your tabletop lifestyle and entertaining experience with a glass for every occasion. When the moment matters, the glass matters.