If you are checking this article, you probably do like good wine (well, who doesn’t?). Choosing a right bottle, both tasty and of a good quality, is not always easy, especially if you are not an expert. Thanks to the Internet, nowadays we have tons of information over the web with the advice how to choose a nice drink and fit it into your budget. We would also like to provide you with some easy steps that will widen your knowledge in the wine field.


Taste more

In order to start differentiating different varieties of wine, you need to develop your palate and get used to different tastes and smells. Wine is an acquired taste, so even if at the beginning you only drink modest wines, very soon your mouth will recognize more complex compositions. Our advice is to taste at least 5 different wines and write down your feelings and observations. Most wines can be depicted as off-dry, dry, sweet or fruity.


Analyze and compare

It’s a great exercise for true wine experts: close your eyes and try to distinguish the type of the wine you are tasting. To do that, you will need first to smell the wine and then take a little sip. A few tips: white wine will have citrus and fruity notes, while in red ones you will find more berries. When sipping the wine, pay attention at such characteristics as sweetness, tanginess, and alcohol content. Finally, try to compare the features of different wines.


Search for the unusual flavors

Luckily, many wine shops provide free tasting, which is a great opportunity to find new wine kinds. New bottles are essential to develop your taste, also it’s a wonderful chance to find some unique flavors.



In the course of becoming a wine expert you need to be aware of various facts related to the wines: how wines are made, which types of grapes can be used, how the age of wine affects its flavor and a lot more. So, once you have a free evening, grab a blanket, a wine encyclopedia and a beautiful wine glass (you can check for some here) with your favorite beverage - and have a good reading! 




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