Recently it has become fancy not only to understand wine, but also to start wine cellars, collect fine wines and participate in wine auctions. And when Victoria Beckham began visiting the famous Château almost as often as fashion shows, it became obvious that we are experiencing a new surge in wine fashion. Let us present the latest event trend - wine night.

On the first sight a wine night seems like just getting totally wine drunk with your friends, enjoying good music and vibes.

But we consider wine night as a creative way to gather friends or family together, to make the theme corporate party or to hold an interesting event in the restaurant. It is extremely entertaining to learn about wine and experiment with new or unusual varietals. Whether you are merely pairing wines with specific cheeses, or doing a vertical or horizontal tasting, you are sure to notice new nuances in both red wines and white wines as a result of the focused tasting. 

Read on for practical tips to help you host perfect wine night:

  1. Begin by deciding which wines you want to include in the tasting. It will be extremely interesting to choose a theme or select wines that have a feature in common. For example, you can make the Vintage Night and taste how much age and vintage variation impact a wine’s flavor profile. One more idea is to choose some specific region and enjoy wines unique to that wine-making area. You can also compare different wines similar by the style. Sample “white dries” or “red semi-sweets” from random regions and various by prices. Eventually each guest can bring a bottle of wine seems to work out the best and it will be a random wine night.
  2. As for the next step we propose to design special wine tasting cards with the brief description of the selected wines. Mention the style, region, age, grape sort and the best appetizer pairing options. Such cards will be helpful for your guests for better understanding of wine peculiarities and remembering taste and aroma.
  3. If you want to keep the tasting a bit more atmospheric and relaxing then you should obviously prepare some lounge or jazz music. What is more, prepare a couple dozen candles to help you create  cozy and unobtrusive mood.
  4. Wine lovers know that any wine has its own temperature indicator according to which it should be served. For this reason, a wine thermometer is one of the attributes while tasting a drink. If you still don’t have such a device in your arsenal, we recommend you to acquire one.
  5. Wine is meant to be enjoyed with food. It is necessary to combine appetizer with red or white wine according to the definite etiquette rules. Everyone has long known that red wine is combined with most of meat dishes, with a variety of cheeses, with fruit and berries. For white wine you can serve almost all seafood (oysters, lobsters, mussels), fish, caviar. Desserts and cold meat snacks are the best pairings for pink wines. 
  6. An important place in the list of preparations for a wine night is the selection of the right glasses. The fact is that different forms of glasses allow distributing the wine in the mouth properly and concentrating aromas in different ways. Indeed, the main things in wine are taste and aroma, which directly depend on the right glassware.

We have prepared for you a selection of beautiful, elegant glassware that will not only help to reveal all the qualities of the chosen wines, but also decorate your tasting event with its unique design.

White wines:

Maximize your wine enjoyment with the glasses from Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo collection. The large bowl designs are incredibly elegant and the universal shape is perfect for enjoying any wine varietal. The wide bowl narrows at the mouth to enhance and preserve the aroma of the wine.

Red wines:

Our Tentazioni Red Wine Glass is both strong and elegant. The glasses from this collection have classic design and are easy to handle which makes these glasses perfect for using in tasting rooms, fine restaurants, and of course within the very comfortable confines of home.

Sparkling wines:

The Aero Flute was designed with a swirling feature called the helical incision that is made to the inside of the bowl.  Due to this feature, as the wine is swirled in the glass, the turbulence created results in a greater air-wine mixture which helps to enhance the wine's aroma and flavor.


In some cases you may need a decanter. It is a large vessel used to remove wine from sediment and saturate it with oxygen. The presence of a decanter while tasting adds on elegance and gloss during the event. 

The Esperienze Decanter will both look elegant and maximize your wine enjoyment as the ridges at the base will assist in creating the perfection oxygenation. 

Hope our advices will be useful to leave an incredible impression on your guests and make a perfect wine night.


Luigi Bormioli, the designer label of glassmaking, is synonymous with Italian Lifestyle. Our proprietary glassware formulas allow for an exciting fusion of elegance and technology. Designed to enhance the tabletop and elevate the entertaining experience, these machine blown glasses are made in Italy, lead-free, durable, have laser cut fine rims, and will maintain their clarity after thousands of dishwashing cycles. You will enjoy their quality, brilliance, and strength for many year to come.