Just imagine: a hot day, baking sun, birds singing from the nearest green bush… Does it sound like a perfect day for an outdoor party? Our answer is yes! 

Once you have decided to throw an outdoor party, the main things to consider are the theme and suitable decorations. You can start searching over Pinterest or some other places in the Internet, however we have already found some cool ideas and tips to help you with the organization.


A pool party!

The most natural association with the summer many people have are the pools and crazy pool parties. It is a big luck if you have a pool in the backyard, however don’t give up on this idea too soon, if there is no one nearby. What you’ll need is an inflatable pool. Really, just imagine how much fun it will be for all your guests to remember being kids (or at least you can put there some ice to cool the champagne).


Add some lights

Officially, when you add the string lights to any event, the atmosphere becomes magical. Have you ever dreamt to become a hero of your favourite summer movie? The lights will definitely help! Wrap them around the trees, chairs or just put some in a jar. 



People on your event will need something to reduce the heat level. These could be some fresh vegetables, lemonade, sorbet or frozen fruits, anything! :) To make it look aesthetic, get some nice glasses to suit your refreshment choice. Check the ones from Luigi Bormioli, they will do the job just perfectly.


Fire and guitar

Stories and songs around the fireplace have their special vibes, which will be more than suitable for any outdoor party. And do not forget about tasty stuff (the best part of the activity, actually): marshmallows, chocolates and cookies. Prepare the sticks for them beforehand and put them in a jar or a bottle. Have fun!

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