Summer is finally here, which means that we all can stay up long (cause it’s not dark outside yet), enjoy great sunsets and warm companies of your friends, family or self. The thing that will definitely make your time-spending much more fun is placed into a cooled bottle of rosé wine.

How do you choose the perfect bottle in the shop and get the most of it? Below is the guide to help!

  1. Aging

The perfect time to drink rosé wine is when it’s fresh and young. The best time to drink it is during the first year after bottling. The maximum is three years.

  1. Style

Rosé wine is made with both white and red grape varieties. Unlike red wine, the skins and stems are removed within 2–3 days of the wine-making process. There are several styles you can meet: 

  • Floral: these are usually pale pink color and combine fruit and herbal notes.
  • Sweet: this style is one of the most popular ones. You can meet berry, melon and citrus flavors.
  • Fruity: remember that it does not mean sweet. Many fruity rosés are bone dry and high in acid. Ideal to be drunk during the day together with the meal.
  • Savory: this one normally has a darker color and deeper flavor, it will go along meat really well.

  1. How Long Does Rose' Wine Last After It's Opened

If after opening you place a cork in the bottle, most rosé wines will last five to seven days in the fridge. 

  1. Serving Temperature

Normally, rosé wines are taken out of the fridge 20 minutes before serving. It’s also suggested to serve rosé at a temperature between 7 to 13 degrees Celsius (45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit).

  1. Perfect Glasses 

Tulip-shaped glasses are the best choice. We can also suggest trying the stemless variants (those will help to get the wine into the needed temperature). Check these ones at Luigi Bormioli.


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