Who would not want to make the best present for the most important woman in life? We always try to prepare something special, something our close person would appreciate much and use for a long time. For sure, the best would be to ask what exactly your mom wants, however this may not always be a possible option. Some of us are fond of making surprises and would like to keep up this tendency.

You want to find something she’ll use all the time, but it can’t be strictly utilitarian. It should also have a sentimental spin. But overthinking it only makes the whole process harder. So don't!

We've done the thinking for you! Below are some ideas you can use to please your mother.


1. Activity Certificate

Depending on your Mommy’s hobbies, this may be a great way to help her find time for her favourite activities. Even last minute, an experience gift can be easy to arrange, thoughtful, and rewarding to both giver and receiver. Going to the movies as a family, taking a painting class, making pottery, learning to scuba dive, or simply receiving a homemade “spa day” and a night off with the remote control … these are priceless memories or skills that last a lifetime.


2. Beautiful Houseware

Think of something that your Mom always dreamt of, but never had time to shop for. For example, a new set of champagne (or wine) glasses: even if she has some, some new fancy and modern-looking ones will raise her spirits on every festive occasion. Check for some at Luigi Bormioli!

Sleek flutes and glasses from Luigi Bormioli Bach Collection  serve up drinks with flair, adding a little extra sparkle to bubbly and smooth wines. Let your mom show off her chic, one-of-a-kind style with these fabulous finds.


3. Family Photo Book

Bring a happy tear to your mother’s eye this year with a heartfelt walk down memory lane. Skip the chocolates and flowers – nothing will say “I love you” better than reminiscing over years of family memories in a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day photo book.

You can either make it yourself or order from professionals. Even more, you can order a family photoshoot that will end up with a photo book, that will warm up your mommy until Christmas, when all the family will gather back.


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