Nowadays having a home bar is something usual for most people. You can rarely find a dwelling without at least one wine bottle saved for the special occasion. What other items are the essential ones for a home bar? 

Some of the main rules when you want to create your home bar - do not try to get all the possible kinds of drinks at once. Start small by getting the ingredients needed to make the cocktails you enjoy and know how to make well. Get a set of suitable glasses for them. For example, a set of stylish rocks.

As the time goes, you start throwing parties and get confident in mixing cocktails, try to expand your “bar menu”. Get some new ingredients and glassware, then you can start offering alternatives for your guests. 

What you may need besides glasses, are such items as a bar spoon or a wine decanter (for the guests preferring classics). Bar spoons are normally used for stirring drinks and are often mentioned in the recipes. Since they are of a standard length and size, it will be easier for you not to mess up with mixing.

Mixing glasses and shakers would be another cool items for your home bar (and you will look cool when using them indeed). Keep in mind that the mixing glass should be made of thick material in order to bear touching with the metal bar spoon. 

Also, do not forget about special occasions. We all have them: engagings, promotions, new car purchase or anything that you can consider ‘special’. You will definitely want to have a bottle of a sparkling champagne in stock to celebrate one of these. To help making it even more festive, get some stylish champagne glasses and enjoy your victories!

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