One of the most popular beverages in the world, a rare football match can do without it as well as many other occasions. Yes, we are talking about beer. If you are a beer lover, you might have noticed that recently there are a lot of alternatives to well-known macrobrews you can find on the shelves. These alternatives are known as the “craft beer”.

So, what is the craft beer? Unlike macrobrews, the craft beers are produced in limited amounts (that’s why often referred to as “microbrews”) and the main goal for every brewery is to discover special flavors and unique tastes. Consumers get more and more knowledge about the craft beers and many people want not just enjoy drinking beer, but literally hunt for new beer experiences. 

Have you ever heard the terms “ale” and “lager”? These are the most widespread brews: lagers are crisper and cleaner in flavor, whereas ales are more robust and complex. The most basic distinction whether it’s an ale or a lager, is determined by how the yeast ferments during the brewing process. 

All beers are brewed in tanks. In ales, the yeast ferments at the top of the tank, which is called top-fermenting. The process is done in warmer environments, which makes the yeast brew more quickly and causes more flavorful, complex and generally darker beers.

Lagers are bottom-fermenting, which means the yeast ferments at the bottom of the tank. Also, lagers brew in colder temperatures for a longer time than ales. This process makes for crisper, less-complex beers.

You may have also met the “lambic” beers. These beers are bright, sometimes sour or fruity. Still, it is important to remember that these styles are only generic categories. In reality, the craft beer taste will fully depend on the creativity of the brewmaster.

No matter which style you prefer at the end, it is essential to drink beer from a right glass. These ones from Luigi Bormioli are just perfect for crafts tasting. 



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