When sipping your Friday night cocktail, one rarely thinks about the long way mixology has come to get into that fancy bar. There are dozens of amazing facts about Margaritas, Long Islands and Mojitos, and we have collected some of the most fun ones below.

  1. Cocktails originate from America


There are several theories when the term “cock-tail” was used for the first time, however the one that seems the most authentic is about the periodical “Balance and Columbian Repository”. In 1806 it published an explanation that a cocktail "is a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters."

  1. Why do we “toast”?

The origin of this term goes back to Ancient Rome. There was a tradition of putting a piece of a “toast” into wine for good health. Besides, it was done not only to the personal drinks, but also to the ones of the drinking companions.

  1. Cocktail Parties

Do you often visit cocktail parties? The very first one of them was held in 1917. 50 guests were invited by a certain Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr. to her house in St. Louis, Missouri and very soon became a real hit. By the way, if you decide to throw a cocktail party yourself, you will definitely need a set of great glasses - check these ones at Luigi Bormioli.

  1. Margaritas

Have you noticed that this cocktail was mentioned earlier? No surprise! Margarita is officially the most popular cocktail in the USA: 185,000 of them are drunk every single hour.


  1. Pina Coladas

And what’s with this one? In 1978 Pina Colada was named a national drink of Puerto Rico. Another good point to plan your vacation in that area.


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