Four (All Natural) Ways to Make Glassware Sparkle

What happens when your gorgeous glasses go unused for a while? (Perish the thought of not entertaining for some time—or of not having a nightly glass of vino!) It does happen, and it can result in dusty, cloudy glasses. Time may deposit that layer of dust, but the culprit could also be the wood used to make your cabinets that’s leaving behind a funky film. Hard water can leave deposits on your precious glassware as well, but there’s no need to grab harsh chemicals to treat them.

Thankfully, the solution is simple! If you have the time to stack our pieces in the dishwasher, one cycle will return them to their crystal-clear glory. But if company’s on the way (or just happens to drop by), get busy with a few natural cleaners that are already in your house.

One: Wow ‘em with White Vinegar

White vinegar is a weak form of acetic acid, so it can be used to clean various surfaces around the home. For cleaning glassware, apply it directly with a towel (using the same steps below for vodka), or try diluting two cups of it with water in a plastic dish tub or shallow pan and then soaking the glasses in it. Do not rinse the glasses afterward.

Two: Vavavoom with Vodka

  1. Grab a bottle of vodka (save the "good" stuff for the cocktail party).
  2. Select a 100 percent cotton dishrag or towel, or even better, make the small investment in microfiber cloths. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving lint behind. Don’t use paper towels: they will definitely deposit lint.
  3. Wet the towel with the vodka and gently run it inside and outside the glass. Remember to hit the stem and foot.
  4. Let the glass dry—voila!

With the first method, you shouldn’t experience any leftover taste issues because vinegar evaporates so fast. If you’re still concerned, however, opt for vodka (to clean the glasses, but we won’t tell if you test it with a sip of two). Either way, Martha Stewart would be proud.

Three: Freshen with Lemon

After washing a glass in hot water, scrub it with lemon slices. Lemon removes not only the film but also the odors that food and drink can leave behind. Rinse with water afterward to get rid of any traces of pulp.

Four: Buy LB (and Save Yourself the Hassle)

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We’re bursting with pride to say those glasses will shine for years to come.

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Cheers to entertaining with bright, dazzling glasses!

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