Everything You Need to Know About Pairing Chocolate with Wine

It doesn’t have to be the sweetest day of the year—Valentine’s Day—to indulge in the extreme pleasure that is wine and chocolate. If there are two more perfect partners, then we’ve yet to make their acquaintance.

Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey and delight in the chocolate and wine pairings we at Luigi Bormioli adore. Because chocolate can be sweet, bitter, acidic or fruity—or a tantalizing mix—you’ll want to choose your wine according to the chocolate’s color and intensity. Matching complementary flavors rather than contrasting flavors brings many soul-satisfying combinations.

White Chocolate + Unoaked Chardonnay

Technically not a chocolate because of the absence of cocoa, white chocolate still turns heads with its creamy texture and milk-like mild flavors. Pairing it with an unoaked Chardonnay allows this ivory confection to shine thanks to the wine’s crisp, green apple and fruity tastes. The Perfect Match: Our Crescendo Chardonnay.

Milk Chocolate + Merlot

This sweet treat isn’t basic; when done well, milk chocolate is smooth and creamy thanks to a tad less cocoa bean than dark chocolate and a good helping of milk solids, sugar and cream. Pairing with Merlot’s softer tannins and black and red fruit notes, plus its undertones of vanilla, gently cuts through chocolate’s creaminess, allowing sweet cocoa to come forward. The Perfect Match: Our Crescendo Bordeaux.

Milk Chocolate-Covered Fruit + Sparkling

Fresh fruits enrobed in tempting chocolate are a bit more complex and deserve the nuances found in a sparkling wine or champagne. Go for “brut,” which is dry with just a hint of sweetness, a bubbly-delicious companion to this sweet and dreamy dessert combo. The Perfect Match: Our Crescendo Champagne.

Dark Chocolate + Zinfandel

This popular chocolate isn’t always bitter—but it can be when the percentage of cocoa climbs. You nibble what suits your palate. Paired with red wine, it’s the healthy treats darling because of its antioxidant properties. Match it with a wine that can stand up to dark chocolate’s big personality: choose Zinfandel’s robust dark fruits and light spice. The Perfect Match: Our Crescendo Bordeaux.

Dark Chocolate with Nuts + Pinot Noir

Adding crunchy, earthy nuts to versatile dark chocolate brings depth and character. Pair it with Pinot Noir’s moderate tannins and crisp acidity to enhance those qualities. The wine boasts dark red fruits and some spice in the bouquet, making it this nutty bonbon’s ideal mate. The Perfect Match: Our Crescendo Bourgogne.

Dark Chocolate with Fruit + Cabernet Sauvignon

Encasing fruit in dark chocolate is a study in sweet and savory. It meets its match in Cabernet Sauvignon’s bold tannins, juicy black fruits, hints of vanilla and tobacco and oaky character. The flavors play off each other to create a spectacular finish. The Perfect Match: Our Crescendo Stemless.

Super Rich and Decadent Desserts

Think luscious molten lava cake, rich fondue, creamy torte or many sinful layers of double chocolate cake. Then, think a just-right sweet Ruby Port. This fortified wine is rich and red, with plum and berry notes and a bit of a kick at the end. Take a bite, take a sip—glorious. The Perfect Match: Our Crescendo Liqueur.

Serve in Style

You wouldn’t want your candies and desserts to feel upstaged by the wine presentation now, would you? You don’t have to worry, as our Crescendo Collection boasts a gorgeous 3-Bowl Set, and a Footed Cake Platter with Dome to graciously show off what you bring to the table. Our serveware is brilliantly beautiful and elegant enough for any entertaining need.

A Glass for Every Occasion

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Be prepared for Valentine’s Day or your next special occasion with timeless Luigi Bormioli stemware and serveware alongside a candy box bursting with your (and your special someone’s!) favorite confections. Salute!

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