It might be freezing, dull and gloomy outside but don’t let that stop you from throwing a winter party or planning an event especially on one of those cold winter days. It’s just the right  time to bring your celebrations inside. We have shared some tips to make your party warm and cozy.

  1. Theme your party. It’s so much fun to have everyone share the same mood of the event, besides it is really easy to theme a winter party. Since your goal is to make everyone comfortable, such themes as ‘pyjama party’ or ‘sweater weather’ will do the job.

  1. Prepare as much coca and mulled wine, as possible. The set of stylish cups for tea and cocoa will add a pinch of chic to the event, they can be used for the hot wine drinks as well. Check out Luigi Bormioli Thermic collection for some additional inspiration - nothing can beat sipping your hot drink from a beautifully designed glass.

  • Have some extra blankets on hand. The plaids add the sense of comfort to anyone wrapped in them by default. That is a scientifically proven fact!

    1. Ask your friends to bring their favourite slippers along. Or, as an option, you can purchase the ones for them beforehand. Select the most fun pairs: the deers or Santa elves characters.. Remember that no one can cease to change their shoes!

  • Light the fire. Add the soft glow of candlelight to your home this holiday season. Candles, especially the ones with the winter scents like ‘cinnamon & ginger’ or ‘tangerines’, will bring really pleasant associations for all the participants.

    1. The festive decorations. Winter holidays give us a wonderful reason for decorating the whole apartment in sparkles, gingerbreads and snowflakes. Decorating house together with your closest one will be extra fun and a great memory to keep - get together with friends and kick off the holiday season, in our own way!

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