What is the most exciting part of the holiday season? Exactly - the gifts! Receiving gifts is lots of fun. However, even more fun, is making gifts. The love, care and devotion that goes into giving a meaningful gift to a friend, relative or loved one is a wonderful experience. Below you can find some hints to make the gift-giving season go smoothly and pick up the right presents.

The psychologists have proved that the most exciting gifts are not the most expensive ones, but those expressing your feelings and thoughts about the person. It does not mean that you need to read your friend’s mind and get something they would definitely love, but it can be something really personal, the gift that will remind your friend about you and your attention, a ‘symbol’.

One more important aspect is the sacrifice that has gone into obtaining a gift - when you spend time and effort on selecting a present, that is felt by your close ones and is appreciated much higher than just an expensive thing or money. 

The presents from the receiver’s wish list are also a wonderful choice. The studies have shown that such gifts bring more joy and are preferred by a bigger amount of participants. Thus said, you can just ask what your beloved one have desired for a long time. You can also suggest some options, like a new set of wine glasses (for your gourmand friend) or a stylish coffee mug (for a freelancer sister of yours).

One more category of great gifts are emotions: some skills level up workshop, a day in SPA, a spontaneous weekend in another country. This is a great opportunity to spend more time with your family and beloved ones and get collective memories for many more holidays ahead. 

The main thing to remember in the ‘Holidays spirit’ it is not about the presents themselves, but the relations and happiness these boundaries bring us. A gift are one of the ways to express your real feelings, so enjoy the process and have a nice holiday season!



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