Thanksgiving is getting close every new day. If you would like your holidays to go smoothly it’s high time to start preparations and think about the table decorations concept. Let’s discuss the most essential tips that will help you to meet the Big Day in arms!


1. Make a guest list.

Thanksgiving is strongly associated with big companies gathering together at the festive table. Before creating any shopping list you need to know the number of relatives and friends coming. Besides, do not forget to ask whether your guests have any dietary restrictions.


2. Plan your menu and make a shopping list.

Once you know how many people will be there sharing your deliciously made food, it right the time to make a shopping list. Without this essential step you may find yourself rushing around the stores getting a lot of extra ingredients and, definitely, forgetting about the turkey itself!


3. Sharpen the knives.

This step is very often put aside, however, believe us, you would not like to appear face-to-face with your turkey without a properly sharp knife. If you prefer to have your knives sharpened professionally, remember that it will take an extra day or two.


4. Test the fresh recipes on your family.

Making something new? Try it out on your family or friends ahead of time. Thus you will avoid the embarrassing situation where you are serving the dish to a big crowd without having a chance to try it yourself - and only God knows whether it is a success or a disaster.


5. Do some cleaning.

If you devote the time and energy to cleaning just one weekend prior to the party, you’ll be in a better position to give your home a quick once-over right before the big day. 


6. Decide on the table decorations concept. 

Thanks to the Internet and resources like Pinterest, we have an opportunity to check plenty of original decoration ideas. You can create your own way to use pumpkins and autumn leaves or any other stuff to make your dinner table look fashionable.


7. Check your tableware, replace the broken items.

And the last but not the least - make sure you have all the necessary items to serve the dinner. It will be extremely upsetting to find out that you are missing just one glass, which was broken at the previous party (and never remembered). If you would like to refresh your wine glasses set, you can check these Luigi Bormioly beauties. Nice looking glasses will help you to create the needed atmosphere without additional efforts.

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! 


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