6 Summer Beers You Need to Try

You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned it—and there is nothing like kicking your feet up with a cold brew on a hot summer’s day.

We came up with this list of the 6 top summer beers you must try. Read on to find out what picks made our cut, and then get down to the important business of celebrating summer with a glass in hand.

Allagash Brewing Company White

This brew is an American interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer. Coriander and Curaçao orange peel spice the cloudy wheat ale, contributing zesty character to a decidedly fruity brew. Thirst-quenching and pleasantly dry on the finish, this is a fine example of the style coming from one of America’s most recognized craft breweries.

Recommended glass: Birrateque Wheat

Bell’s Brewery Oarsman Ale

This session beer is brewed in the Berliner Weisse style with a generous portion of wheat malt. Citrus overtones and a traditional tartness create an interesting, flavorful and lighter bodied beer. Weighing in at 4% ABV, this beer stays true to its German heritage as a refreshing summer brew. Go ahead—extend your stay on the porch with a few more.

Recommended glass: Birrateque Wheat

Brewdog Punk IPA

A “post modern classic,” this delicious IPA pokes at tradition and modern innovation. The American-style IPA is brewed in Scotland and layered with new world hops for a brew that is aptly described as “transatlantic fusion.” Extra pale malts create a subtle sweet backbone for the riot of hops shouting tropical fruit flavors and a spicy bitter finish. Pair with your favorite spicy food and drink on.

Recommended glass: Birrateque IPA

Stone Brewing Ruination Double IPA 2.0

Stone professes that this beer is “a liquid poem to the glory of the hop,” and we couldn’t agree more. Its piney, citrusy and tropical character practically drips from this monster of a beer crafted especially for hop fanatics. The aggressive malt bill balances bitter components and creates a contiguous and revelatory flavor profile that IPA fans will love.

Recommended glass: Birrateque IPA

Fegley’s Brew Works Space Monkey

Summer is high time for fresh fruit and produce, so it’s only natural that it’s also the perfect time for a fruit beer. Many examples of this style can be quite sweet and fruit dominant, leaving some beer-drinkers exclaiming that they want “fruit in their beer, not beer in their fruit.” Space Monkey is the perfect example of a harmonious ale where the elements are well balanced. Fruity raspberry flavors bounce around the palate, while the overall impression is a slightly tart and spicy saison. Pink-tinged and effervescent, this is a beer-lovers’ fruit beer.

Recommended glass: Birrateque Seasonal

Uncommon Brewers Siamese Twin Ale

Uncommon indeed. Try this fantastic mash-up of Belgian brewing heritage and Thai-infused flavors. Lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and coriander provide expressive tropical high notes to a sweet and fruity full-bodied Belgian-style Dubbel. Deep caramel in color with a creamy mouthfeel to boot, this heady brew is worthy of deep contemplation on a warm summer night.

Recommended glass: Birrateque Seasonal

These brews are sure to keep your summer in good taste. Fire up the grill, call a few friends and let the evening meander on with great beer enjoyed in fine glassware. Do you really need much else?

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Don’t see your favorite summer beer on this list? Comment below to share which summer suds are the best in your book.

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