Choosing the Right Glass When Entertaining

Entertaining guests, whether it be for a party, event or even just a reason to get together with those we love can be such a wonderful experience, however choosing wines can sometimes be as challenging as deciding what foods to serve. The good news is that choosing the correct wine glass is not nearly as difficult.

At first glance, many wineglasses may look quite similar. However there are subtle design differences that actually have a significant impact on how you and your guests experience a particular wine. The contour of a glass determines so much more than how beautiful it looks in your hand and can actually make the difference in truly enjoying those wines you took so much time to pick out.

It’s becoming common knowledge that red goes in a wide glass, white in a more narrow glass. But why is that exactly?

The wider the bowl, the more the surface of a wine is exposed to air. This creates that wonderful aroma as the alcohol evaporates. Because your taste buds are influenced by what you smell, the aroma of a wine can drastically alter its taste. This is particularly true of red wines, which is why most red wineglasses have wider bowls to promote oxidation. There are even several types of red wine glass and this is due to other factors from the temperature of the wine to determining where the wine first hits your tongue as you drink.

White wines are of course best enjoyed with only slight oxidation. A narrower bowl reduces surface area, preserving the chill and the delicate bouquet of white wines. Too much oxygen can mask the more delicate flavors and aromas. The most narrow bowl or wine flute is used to enjoy sparkling wines such as Champagne, as they lose their signature carbonation when exposed to oxygen.

Where to start?

A great way to build a collection of wine glasses for every occasion is with our Supremo Collection. Offering six unique glasses, including our Supremo Stemless, you will always have a glass on hand for whatever wine you are serving, especially when you are the host who is being gifted with bottles of wine you didn't get to choose yourself.

Having the right glasses on hand means you can be ready to offer your guests a number of selections and can be sure they will fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.