Try These 5 Summer Wines (They're Not All Whites!)

The heat is on and the dog days of summer beckon flip flops, dinners from the grill and citronella candles for the back porch. It’s also time to kick off your shoes and unwind with a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

Life’s too short to be disappointed with what’s in your glass—but fear not! We’ve searched out 5 delicious summer wines that are perfect for the season and its quintessential eats. Read on to find out our picks and pairings so you can get to the important stuff—sipping and savoring the best summer wines!

Aromatic and Refreshing: Alamos Torrontes

This delectable white wine offers fragrances of jasmine and orange blossom and stone fruit flavors on the palate. Versatile and lively with just enough acidity, Torrontes has an alluring tropical character that has earned it well-deserved acclaim.

Pair with fresh white peaches, mango salsa, nutty cheeses or mild seafood dishes.

The Glass: Romantica Wine Glass

Cool and Fruity: Geyser Peak Winery Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc can run the gamut from herbaceous and minerally to lush and fruity. This rendition from California strikes a balance between the styles and offers notes of passionfruit and melon.

Pair with fresh melon wrapped in prosciutto, cucumber salad and herbed grilled chicken or pasta salad.

The Glass: Romantica Wine Glass

Crisp and Zippy: La Marca Prosecco

There’s nothing quite like popping the cork off a bubbly wine to begin a relaxing evening. The honey and citrus qualities of this Prosecco mingle with vibrant carbonation and a refined crisp finish. Those who prefer something a little dry with flavors of lemon and green apple will love this sparkling white.

Pair with caprese salad and fresh crusty bread, chicken piccata or fresh fruit and whipped brie.

The Glass: Romantica Champagne Glass

Slightly Sweet and Food-Friendly: Goats do Roam Rosé

A great rosé is a welcome summer treat, and this one is no exception. Subtle strawberry flavors and just the right amount of sweetness lead to a refined and refreshing finish. Rosé is known for its versatility and, while it carries more body than white wines, will still be cool and refreshing.

Pair with gazpacho, scallops or crostini with cured meats and fresh goat cheese.

The Glass: Romantica Wine Glass

Bold and Peppery: Ghost Pines Zinfandel

Red wine is often forgotten and left out during the summer months, but there’s no better option for pairing with smoky bold flavors from the grill. Brazen but not stifling, Ghost Pines Zinfandel is brimming with notes of juicy red fruits, cracked pepper and toasty oak.

Pair with anything grilled but especially hamburgers, ribs or a perfectly cooked steak.

The Glass: Romantica Wine Glass

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Get Relaxing!

These 5 summer wines are sure to excite your palate and may just bring you some new favorites! So grab a glass and relax as the sun hits the horizon and an evening breeze washes away the heat of the day.

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