Possibly one of the biggest bar trends for 2013 is the emergence of the specialty/customized/fancy ice cubes. Call it whatever you want, many mixologists claim these specialty ices enhance the flavor of your cocktail even as the ice melts. Put your own spin on it - whether you use filtered water, special molds (Japanese Snowballs happens to be our favorite), and/or add a variety of spices. Whatever special element you add to your drink, you have to pair it with a special glass. Luigi Bormioli offers a wide variety of barware; from contemporary to classic to elegant we have you covered! 

Using large cubes to serve your drinks? You will need an old-fashioned glass. If you’re looking for a classic design with a modern twist then we would suggest On the Rocks. These square shaped double old-fashioned glasses have a unique diamond pattern on the bottom. If you’re looking for a lighter weight glass with a contemporary look, then Top Class is the way to gp. 

For your mojito, pair your special mint ice-cubes or shaved ice with our Crescendo Beverage glass. These glasses not only have the 25 year guarantee but they hold 20 ounces of fun. Looking for something timeless and elegant? Our Incanto glass is what you are looking for. These pieces have a classic hand-cut effect on our high-tech glass (see Design Tips for information on the Incanto Champagne glasses). 

Customized Ice is a great way to keep your beverage flavorful as the ice melts. So be creative. Mix it up with various flavors and shapes. Whatever drink you choose, adding customized ice with our Luigi Bormioli glasses are sure to be cool (ha!) at any party.