Birrateque – The Authentic Craft Beer Experience

The shape and dimensions of each glass in the Birrateque Collection has been designed for specific Craft Beer Styles to optimize the aroma and sensory perception.

The large capacities and shapes of the Birrateque Collection provide a great aromatic chamber and keeps the beer carbonated longer. The collection was developed with Centro Studi Assaggiatori, an international specialist of sensory analysis in food and beverage. Each glass has tiny etchings on the bottom, which help to maintain a fine and persistent stream of bubbles to reinvigorate the foamy head. The top of the glass, the chimney, allows the nose and mouth to get into the glass, as it is the aroma combined with the taste that creates the true flavor. The glass bowl expands out from the handle creating "a cascade effect" so that when tilting and drinking, it keeps reinvigorating the beer.

Birrateque was created using Luigi Bormioli’s Lead-Free High-Tech Crystal Glass, SON.hyx®. The “certified” transparency and sparkle of this innovative glass lets you truly appreciate the beer's color and clarity. Like all of our glasses made with SON.hyx, Birrateque is backed by our 25-year guarantee that guards against chipping on the rim or foot as well as any discoloration or cloudiness from washing.

If you are passionate about craft beer, you'll appreciate all of the hi-tech aspects of the Birrateque Collection, designed specifically for each of your favorite beer styles.


Birrateque's Stout glass allows room for a two to three finger head, enhancing the beer’s creaminess. The chimney allows for a smooth drinking surface and allows you to experience the Stouts strong scent profiles such as coffee, licorice, chocolate along with the roasted malt.


The Birrateque IPA has a thin body to help maintain carbonation, as IPA beers don't have as much carbonation as other beers. The narrow corridor helps to further reinvigorate the foam and flavor.


The Birrateque Wheat glass is a bigger glass to allow air into the reservoir, which warms the beer and releases the unfiltered aspects of the wheat and sediment with aromas of spices such as clove or elements such as banana.


Birrateque’s Seasonal glass is the largest glass in the collection. A lot of seasonal beers are high in alcohol and odd ingredients. The larger flared glass allows more aromatics to be released, such as pumpkin and Oktoberfest flavored offerings in the fall and new hops for the spring season.


The Birrateque Cider glass is the smallest of the collection. Hard ciders are very sweet so the wide bowl and lip curves out slightly to allow the sweet aromas such as ginger, vanilla and cinnamon to aerate.


Birrateque’s Tester works well if you enjoy filling up a growler or buying a bomber (or 22-ounce beer bottle) and sharing it with friends. The glass is slightly smaller so it's also great for taste testing or creating a beer flight experience.
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