A 4th of July Celebration

I love national holidays!! I think it stems from an entertaining mentality of “the more the merrier”!   The spirit of all uniting for one purpose and having fun. In this case, a festive 4th of July celebration.

I have such wonderful memories of a magical time while growing up when our little community reveled in a day-long celebration! There was no sleeping in, as the neighborhood parade hit our corner around 8:45 am each year. If you were by chance in the parade, your day started much earlier. My first time in the parade I proudly rode my two-wheeler, just having learned to ride it earlier that year. I had streaming red, white, and blue crepe paper flowing from the bike’s wheel spokes and any other area that I could tie and tape the paper to. But most years I would stand on our corner among tons of neighbors watching the parade pass by as we hooted, clapped, waved, & yelled to people we knew.

The second act of the day was to walk over to our community recreation center that created a flea mart with stands and tables filled with foods, handcrafted treasures, collectables and so on. If it was hot, you could duck indoors to the auditorium to cool off, or if you were thinking ahead and wore your bathing suit, you could cool off with a dip in the pool. If you and your family really thought ahead, you could spend the entire day with a blanket spread out on one of the playing fields where you could have a picnic and use as your “home-base” for checking in. Then finally we would wrap our day up with the third and final act of the day as we would wait for darkness to come and the fireworks to begin!

I am sure many people across our nation have celebrated the yester-years of July 4th in similar ways or maybe their celebrations were uniquely different. I know that mine are very different as I grew up and moved away from my childhood neighborhood. Nowadays I watch as my neighbor starts their annual traditional fun on Memorial Day as they tastefully dress their house up in patriotic bunting which remains adorned thru Labor Day. I have come to view their decorating and un-decorating activity as the unofficial start and end to summer. The time between is where their summer magic happens as they use their outdoors, particularly their backyard as an additional extension or room of their home from which to play, eat, entertain, and have lots of fun.

Next, we tried our hand at the art of creating a simple trifle bowl recipe that turned out great. We are now calling it “Fantastic for the Fourth”.   We started with Luigi Bormioli’s Michelangelo Footed Serving Bowl and went to town with berries, pudding, cream, and cake. A masterpiece of epic proportions!  So good in fact, that a few other co-workers got involved to sample the finished goods. We would love to share the recipe with you. Just contact our Customer Service and the recipe will be promptly emailed to you.

And as usual, I am invited to the neighbors for the 4th of July Party. We always have the traditional food fair – hamburgers & hot dogs but each year I like to try to bring something unique. This year I’ll be bringing something to eat and something to drink, and since I work for an amazing glassware company, my choice of glassware and serviceware rival most!    Another new and unique thing for this year is that I have turned my company, Luigi Bormioli’s employee kitchen into a “test kitchen” to take a first pass at both of these patriotic recipes. With the help of some fellow co-workers (thank you Bonnie and Damon) we paired Luigi Bormioli’s Classico Beverage Glass with a multi-layered beverage. I found this great recipe that is good for all ages.

So, whatever your plans are for this 4th of July – enjoy!