Welcome to the world of Luigi Bormioli where we have a glass for every occasion.


Our finely crafted glass collections range from simplicity to sophistication and are all created through a blown process that maintains old world charm with traditional Italian craftsmanship. Here you will find collections for everyday use and some you may want to save for special occasions. Let Luigi Bormioli become a part of your home and a source for all your tabletop and entertaining needs.


The brilliance of Luigi Bormioli products far surpasses any competitive brands as our collections are made from the finest sands and raw materials.   Through leading technology and proprietary processes, our products are created to be both beautiful and durable. You will find industry labels on our items such as SON.hyx, Sparkx, and Titanium reinforced. We are so confident in our products that we were the first to offer a guarantee on our glass. Many of our collections carry a warranty for 25 years!


Luigi Bormioli likes making your life easier. Our finely crafted Italian collections fit any lifestyle with exciting product offerings that are both lead-free and dishwasher safe. Our glass will maintain its ultra clear brilliance through thousands of dishwashing cycles! When you shop our on-line catalog for your home, a wedding gift, or some wonderful party items, everything ships for FREE! 


Our website is a great tool as we provide blogs and tips to help with ideas for entertaining and everyday living, as we will be regularly posting on the latest design and tablescape tips and trends. We will highlight Luigi Bormioli products that best align to current trends, tips, and ideas. We have made browsing through our collections of stemware, barware, dinnerware, and serveware very easy to do.


Due to Luigi Bormioli’s prominence as a leading glassmaker, we are recognized as a premier provider of glass across many industries. You will also find our glass used in other offerings such as perfume and spirit bottles.   Think of Luigi Bormioli the next time you pick up a unique perfume bottle from mega perfume companies such as Chanel and Victoria’s Secret. Take a walk through your local wine and spirits shop and see boldly shaped bottles from companies like Hennessy and Pernod Ricard. Look for us in restaurants when you are dining out or hotels when you are away from home, chances are that’s us, Luigi Bormioli, the leading authority in glass!

Our factory in Parma, Italy was founded in 1946 by Mr. Luigi Bormioli and his dedication to quality, design, and innovation have been carried forth through seceding family members who still own and operate the business today, with our US subsidiary office located in Pennsylvania.


For many generations Parma Italy has been well known for its art, music and food. And now Luigi Bormioli has added glass to the wonderful assortment of the region’s best known qualities. So when you are looking for the best that any region has to offer, set your sites and your table on Luigi Bormioli!


Let Luigi Bormioli be your ultimate resource for entertaining and everyday living. Remember, we have a glass for every occasion!


Hi Alan,
Thank you so much for your feedback. Unfortunately there are no current plans to bring back the 8oz Michelangelo glasses. We do keep a log of discontinued product requests and pass them along to our Sales & Marketing teams and there have been occasions in the past where products and collections have been resurrected. Please check back on our site frequently, just in case this glass makes a comeback in the future! If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at customerservice@luigibormioli.com any time.

Thanks again for your feedback!

The Luigi Bormioli Customer Service Team

Luigi Bormioli February 24, 2016

Like Karen, I have enjoyed using the Michelangelo 8oz glasses for some time and, having tripped over her comment in my search for new, am disappointed at this news. Here’s hoping that they make a come back; they are a better size for smaller tables and more refined palates.

Alan February 16, 2016

Hi Karen,
We’re so glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed your Luigi Bormioli products for so long! Unfortunately, you are correct that the 8 oz Michelangelo wine glass has been discontinued. We do have an 11.5 oz in the same collection, with the exact same shape, just a few ounces larger. You can also work with our Food Service partner, BauscherHepp to find out about other items which are only available to the Hospitality industry and may work well for you. If you would like to hear from BauscherHepp, please email your contact information to customerservice@luigibormioli.com and we’ll have them reach out to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for your loyalty to our brand. If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us again!

The Luigi Bormioli Customer Service Team

Luigi Bormioli November 21, 2014

I’ve owned my restaurant for 29 years and have used the Michelangelo 8oz. wine glass for the past 15. Everyone loved them when I switched over from a more standard glass. Over the years I have been able to replenish my stock, but just recently discovered that you have discontinued the 8oz. size. Is there any more anywhere?? The next size up just wouldn’t work for us. Besides I still have 24 of them, and don’t want to switch over. Sincerely, Karen

Karen November 13, 2014

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